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You are now almost ready to help people with chronic illnesses every time you shop.

You will now receive an email with a one-time code from Storebox. Find this email and enter the four-digit code with your email address above.

If you do not already have a Storebox account or did not receive a validation code but want to participate in the project, you can now add or edit phone and email sign up for Storebox and return to this page once you have signed up.

Also, remember to update your credit card at Storebox if it has been changed since registration.

You can always return to our website and read news about the project or unsubscribe if you no longer wish to participate.

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Thank you for your participation in the project


Du mangler nu kun at indtaste din mail og den firecifrede engangskode du netop har modtaget fra storebox, så er du klar til at hjælpe folk med kroniske sygdomme hver gang du køber ind.
Engangskoden modtages i en sms.
Modtager du ikke en sms, kan det være fordi din e-mail og mobilnummer ikke er de samme der er blevet brugt hos storebox, du behøver dog ikke skrive landekode her på siden.
Hvis du ikke allerede har en storebox konto, men ønsker at deltage i projektet, kan du nu tilmelde dig storebox på, og vende tilbage til denne side når du har tilmeldt dig.
Husk også at opdatere dit kreditkort hos storebox hvis det er blevet skiftet siden tilmelding.


Husk også at andre medlemmer af din husstand også kan tilmelde sig projektet- jo flere der er med, jo bedre muligheder for at forske i hvorfor sygdommes opstår.
Du kan altid trække dig fra projektet ved at trykke på knappen træk samtykke tilbage på projektsiden.
Hvis du har tilmeldt dig vores nyhedsbrev vil du være blandt de første til at høre om de nye muligheder for personlig rådgivning dette projekt åbner på sigt. Du kan også altid vende tilbage til vores hjemmeside og læse nyheder om projektet.
Husk også at holde dine kreditkort opdaterede hos Storebox.
Ønsker du at ændre på dine oplysninger, eks mail eller telefonnummer brugt hos storebox, kan du gøre dette på , ved at tilmelde dig igen. 
Har du spørgsmål til ovenstående er du altid velkommen til at kontakte Statens Serum Institut på
Hvis du i særlige tilfælde, og efter konkret aftale har behov for at fremsende personlige oplysninger, skal dette dog gøres via sikkert, via e-boks hvor du vælger Statens Serum Institut og vælger Projekt ESAM Mine indkøb. Se vejledning her: 

Purpose and participation


This project aims to investigate how what we buy, and thus our diet, affects health, by analyzing purchase patterns and health information over time. It is hoped that in the long run, the project will lead to new knowledge about the impact of our lifestyle on health, which could lead to better opportunities to prevent diseases.

In the project, researchers will investigate connections between our health and what we eat, drink, lubricate ourselves with, inhale, or are otherwise exposed to throughout our life. Researchers can achieve this by linking information on shopping habits and information on health and diseases from registries or other research projects. Examples of the use could be studies of the relationship between what we buy, and the risk of contracting a disease such as salmonella or getting an exacerbation of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes.

In short, we hope to find out what to buy or not to buy to stay healthy, whether you are healthy or have contracted a chronic illness. This will take time so you can at any time see short descriptions of all projects where data from the project is used on under the tab projects.



The purpose of this form is to help you decide if you want to transfer information about your purchases to researchers, along with the information needed to make this possible. We expect that it will only take you a few minutes to read the form and participate in the project.

Participation is completely voluntary and any medical treatment will not be affected by whether you participate or not.

There is no health risk associated with the project. On the other hand, we expect that the project, in will be able to benefit you in the long run, through better advice about your health.

You must be over 18 years old and have a NemID to participate.

You can transfer your data whether you are healthy and well, have just recovered from an illness, or have one or more illnesses. You have the option to limit the use of data to a single project if you wish. As there is often more than one shopper in a household, we hope that both you and possibly other people in your household will participate.

We will ask you some questions at the end of this form, to ensure that we have explained the project properly to you.

Data collection and data protection

In addition to the information you enter in this form, we collect information about your health and other information of possible importance to your health (eg address and level of education, etc.) from Danish registers.

In addition, data from other research projects may be obtained, as long as the processing is in accordance with this project's purpose.

When data is analyzed by the researchers, information that can identify you will be replaced with a serial number, or anonymized so the researchers cannot see who you are.

If you decide to participate, you donate your purchasing data to SSI. The information is sent from companies that offer electronic receipts, such as Storebox, which cooperates with mobilepay (the procedure is explained below).

You can see Storebox's personal data policy here (external link opens in new window).

Are you in doubt about something? Then see our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

You can always choose that you no longer want to contribute more information to the register. If you withdraw your consent, this means that Storebox will no longer pass on information about you to SSI's research register. Information already included in SSI's register will not be deleted, but SSI will no longer disclose the information to researchers. The information is not deleted because SSI as a state authority may be obliged to hand over the information to the National Archives in accordance with the rules of the Archives Act. Information already provided for research projects will continue to be included in those projects.

See how SSI processes personal information in connection with the project's execution here, note that if anything is unclear or appear ambiguous please refer to the Danish text.

Short multiple-choice questionnaire on the above content

What data do this project collect?

Is there a health risk to me?

Is it possible to withdraw my consent to participate

Who can participate in the project?

Your health

Even if you do not suffer from any diseases, we would very much like you to participate anyway, as purchasing data from healthy people are important for comparisons between sick and healthy people.

You can list any diseases below by selecting them from the dropdown menu or entering them in the field below and pressing add.

This also applies if you are participating in the project because you have just suffered from an acute illness, such as a stomach infection, or if you suffer from one or more chronic illnesses.

If you have not had an acute illness recently, or suffer from a chronic illness, you can simply tick the box no illnesses.

Contact Information

Do you have a Storebox account?

You will get a link to create a storebox account at the reciept page. Remember to use the same mail as above..


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Purchase patterns and the risk of contracting food borne diseases
Consumer data and IBD disease course (with Greater Capital region)
Consumer patterns, environmental factors and health